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SEEDLAND believes that life is like a beautiful seed. With care and nourishment, the power of a seed is so great that it can break through the ground to grow, to connect with the forest, and to support more forms of life.
We live in an inter-connected era, and the barriers between industries and regions have been broken one after another.

 In order to find the big ideas that encourage practical uses of technology, promote life-improving inventions, and inspire humanity's creativity in science and humanities, in May 2019, SEEDLAND officially launched the first award in the world which calls for innovators to explore life through new technology - The SEED AWARD for Global Smart Life Innovator.
Every big idea that emerges through the SEED AWARD has the potential to change people’s lives. Through this style of global innovation summit, SEED AWARD is becoming a propagator and driver of a new round of technological innovation. Behind every innovation lies the inventors' hopes and dreams, which aligns with SEEDLAND’s philosophy of ​​creating a better life for its customers.