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About SEEDLANDIntelligent Construction - Centered around People

Founded in Guangzhou in 2006, SEEDLAND’s business has expanded beyond real estate to a variety of sectors. Over the past 16 years, we have dedicated ourselves to improving all aspects of people's lives through innovative technology, redefining the relationship between people and their living space by integrating technology with and culture. As a result, we have grown into a company which provides comprehensive smart solutions across the entire lifecycle of smart living.

SEEDLAND is currently working across the country in the six city clusters with the greatest growth potential, while we are also established and thriving in 33 major cities. When entering a new city, we begin by taking an overview of the resources in the region, working to discover and promote its unique charm. We explore the personal and cultural value of each and every location, which provides us with the foundation for creating a smart living solution both tailored and exclusive to that place.

SEEDLAND follows a customer-centric principle and pays attention to the real needs of each individual. We consider issues from the users’ perspective and prioritize technological innovation from the very start of project planning. With the help of an integrated system comprised of smart products, data analysis, and life services, we can satisfy multiple user needs in areas such as living environment safety, family health, time management, and emotional support. Based on this foundation, we then gradually construct a smart living system. At the same time as creating a better life experience for users, we also act as a market leader, providing new directions for the industry’s development and improving the overall living quality of the cities in which we work.