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Fully Integrated Smart CommunitySmart Living - Bringing Warmth

In 2019, SEEDLAND took the lead in creating the first fully integrated smart community in Chongqing. From inside the homes to the surrounding neighborhood, SEEDLAND provided smart life solutions for all scenarios throughout a community composed of a wide variety of user groups with different needs. This feat was accomplished through the efficient connection of smart home appliances, robots, commuting, and logistics systems, complemented by a wide range of support services for businesses.

Through the practice of empowering lives using technology, SEEDLAND utilizes intelligent support facilities across a range of scenarios, including retail, home healthcare management, community security, and logistics. While we serve all the daily needs of our users, SEEDLAND customers can also mix and match the services they use based on their requirements, creating a personalized and convenient way of life. This system makes people the true focus of the community, while technology is used to dramatically improve quality of life.