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SEEDLAND knows that the value of smart living is not simply based on how many smart products are installed. Only when buildings, smart devices, and service systems are linked by technology can a living space truly become smarter and more comfortable to live in.
Based on this understanding, SEEDLAND has constructed a Smart Life System. Through the extensive and in-depth application of AI + Internet of Things (AIoT), as well as intelligent cloud and edge computing platforms,
we have linked key data from users and IoT devices across multiple scenarios to form a huge user database, which provides precise insights into users' demands.

Using our Intelligent Cloud (hybrid cloud architecture) and Four Technology Platforms (Smart IoT platform, data platform, AI platform, and smart application platform), the SEEDLAND Smart Life System can provide major solutions for smart IoT, smart commerce, and smart living, serving a variety of scenarios across smart living.

In terms of shaping the community, the SEEDLAND Smart Life System has pioneered a number of core technologies in the industry. These include all-scenario data modeling, decision-making engines for popular community events, and community things modelling which links the traditionally isolated fields of equipment, data, experience and service together in the construction of smart communities. The Smart Life System truly realizes the people-centric smart living experience and raises it to a commercially attractive level.

SEEDLAND believes that the smart evolution of human habitats should not be based on simply superimposing data, technology and equipment, but is instead about harnessing the warmth and intelligence that the best scenario-based and emotion-focused design can bring. The SEEDLAND Smart Life System provides its users with a streamlined experience covering multiple scenarios, to fully satisfy users’ health and safety needs. In addition, it provides a convenient and comfortable living environment rich in culture, entertainment and education, offering unmatched value to its users.

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