Guangzhou Boston Ivy

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Metropolitan Masterpiece - A Model Urban Community

SEEDLAND · Located at the gateway of East Changling, Guangzhou Boston Ivy sets the standard for creating a large urban community with places to meet, beautiful landscapes, and fully integrated facilities. Through a construction concept based around building good facilities to improve the city, at SEEDLAND, we focus on smart technology driven real estate. We dedicate ourselves to fostering a cultured atmosphere within our communities, by introducing high-end living facilities across areas such as transportation, health & medical, business, and education. The community is also surrounded by a number of city parks which boast great views and diverse ecology.

The gardens take their influenced from the classical European style, with a magnificent symmetrical design which conveys a romantic air. They possess an all-season flowering system, highlighted by the addition of famous plants such as Fern Pine and French Magnolia, with everything arranged in symmetrically in a French-inspired style.

Education for Children of All Ages – Forging an Elite Future

There are three provincial-level kindergartens in the community, and we have also invested heavily in opening a branch of the prestigious No. 2 Middle School. With 36 primary school classes, as well as 36 junior and high school classes planned, 3600 spots have been created especially for Boston Ivy’s residents.

Smart Living Mode – Smart System Coverage

This is a smart green community which holds double BRE awards in the Asia-Pacific region. We have integrated 10-layer shield-level security coverage, AI cloud-connected control, hachi auto self-driving commuter vehicles, hachi delight smart delivery robots, Seed Market and a variety of other technology into residents’ daily lives. From the moment you step inside Boston Ivy, the smart system covers all aspects of day to day life, providing residents with the utmost in comfort.