Qingdao Rose International Garden

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Qingdao’s Premier Masterpiece – Revolutionizing the Residential Experience

Qingdao Rose International Garden is SEEDLAND’s premier masterpiece in the charming city of Qingdao. The project’s design is people-oriented and meticulous in its detail, using simple straight lines, large surfaces, and striking colors. By focusing on the finer details of various situations from daily life, we strive to create simple yet modern living spaces for every family, bringing an all-new level of comfort to our residents’ living experience. The project has been hailed as the inspiration for a new era of smart living in Qingdao and a model for the Qingdao Bay area.

Shopping at Your Doorstep – World-Class Facilities

Facing Lianghe to the east, the project enjoys an excellent location approximately 400 meters from Lianghe Station on Metro Line 13. It is located in the National West Coast New District and is home to lifestyle hubs such as Oriental Movie Metropolis, Sunac Mall, and Qingdao Mangrove Holiday World, offering convenient access to world-class facilities.

Education for All Ages – Enjoy Multi-Faceted High-End Living

There are three kindergartens, three primary schools, two junior high schools, and one key high school within 3km of the project, providing education for all ages, from newborns through to 20-year-olds. The high-end on-site commercial facilities in the community, such as the logistics warehouse and Seed Market, can fully meet residents’ daily needs, while the Second People's Hospital of Huangdao District is located only 3.5km away, allow them to enjoy one-stop healthcare, entertainment, education and shopping services.

Natural Landscapes Inspired by Chelsea Gardens – A Multi-Faceted Experience

The project’s scenery was designed by a famous Singaporean architect’s office and inspired by famous Chinese and foreign architectural concepts, integrating rock features to express Qingdao’s unique identity. Drawing inspiration from the ingenuity of Milanese architecture as well as the Chelsea Gardens, the project fully showcases the beauty of nature. This is a perfect example of how tradition and fashion can be perfectly fused in a varied landscape where our residents can experience the four seasons at their leisure.

The First Fully Integrated Smart Community – Revolutionizing the Living Experience

SEEDLAND Qingdao Rose International Garden fully expresses the high-end smart DNA of our company. As part of the SEEDLAND Smart Living Ecosystem, the Sponge Playground, Health at Home Medical Center and Seed Market are all perfectly equipped for the community. It also features advanced smart technology such as hachi delight smart delivery robots, hachi auto self-driving commuter vehicles and 37°C Smart Homes, breaking the barriers of traditional living and creating Qingdao's first fully integrated smart community.