Yongchuan Rose International Garden

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The First SEEDLAND Project in Chongqing – Building a Smart City

SEEDLAND Yongchuan Rose International Garden combines a business district, high-quality educational resources and a full range of lifestyle facilities, setting an example for high-quality living in Chongqing and creating a calming haven for city-dwellers.

The Best Access – Located in Commercial Heart of the City

Carefully considering the future development of the city and fully utilizing its key resources, SEEDLAND Yongchuan Rose International Garden is located on the central axis of Yongchuan District, adjacent to Wanda Plaza. With easy access to the city’s busiest commercial districts, our residents can enjoy the world-class lifestyle that the city has to offer.

A Masterpiece of Urban Living – Created for All Ages

The project was designed by a Singaporean team with the aim of making it an aesthetic highlight of the city. Cleverly incorporating local natural resources, the main road through the project is lined with peach trees. In addition, three major viewpoints and multiple green spaces are great communal areas for residents of all ages to enjoy a comfortable and happy life, contributing greatly to their mental and physical health.

Enjoy a Full Range of Facilities – A Metropolitan Lifestyle

The project is connected on all sides to the transportation network, providing easy access to the whole city. It also has access to four highways, three Metro lines, two high-speed rail lines and one airport, offering quick connections for external travel. A high-quality kindergarten is based inside the project, while nine other schools, including Wuzhou Primary School, Yongchuan Middle School, and the High School Affiliated to Chongqing University of Arts & Sciences, are located nearby, providing a wide array of education options for parents and children in the community. Residents can also enjoy Guanyin Mountain, Phoenix Lake Park, Yongchuan Sports Center, Yongchuan People's Hospital and other high-quality facilities, which further support a convenient and comfortable lifestyle.

A Fully Integrated Smart Community – Leading the Future of the Industry

SEEDLAND Yongchuan Rose International Garden has led the way in creating the first fully integrated smart community in China, demonstrating a fully autonomous system to support community living. Smart service robot such as Delight for making deliveries and Bingo for providing home healthcare, help to link smart living at home with the wider smart facilities in the community, making this the first project of its kind in the industry.