Zhuzhou Rose Bank

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Zhuzhou Rose Bank

Using ingenuity to build a smart living community, SEEDLAND Zhuzhou Rose Bank sets the standard for smart living in Zhuzhou with a grand project of 615,000m².

Ecological Core in City Cluster - A Model of Smart Living

The project is located in an important area of the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster. With close links to Xinma Ecological Business District in Tianyuan District, it is adjacent to Wanfeng Lake Wetland Park. By taking the happiness of residents as the starting point, we are creating a smart living city that integrates smart supporting facilities, smart security systems, facial recognition, and WIFI coverage across all aspects of life. It aims to provide security for every family in the community. Comfortable, convenient and easy to use smart services are in line with the concept of smart urban development and integrated with the needs of people living in the new era.

Self-Sufficient All-Age Family Life Support - High-Quality Community Facilities

We gather resources from around the world to provide self-sufficient healthcare, education and other supporting facilities to our residents. Our brand kindergarten together with educational resources which cover 12 years of the curriculum provide a one-stop service to meet residents’ educational needs. We are creating a high-end smart community focusing on the needs of our residents, where the young are educated, the adults are entertained and the old are looked after.