Kunming Camellia Garden

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Hello Yunnan - An Overview of the New Urban Landscape

The site selection for SEEDLAND Kunming Camellia Garden was based on the strictest standards and the new district in the northwest of the city (which is the core of the city’s Pan-Asian development. Project) was eventually selected. Surrounded by lakes and mountains, bustling commercial districts, and a comprehensive transportation network, SEEDLAND Kunming Camellia Garden has been constructed using the ultimate craftsmanship. The unprecedented geographical location and outstanding local resources make these villas impossible to recreate elsewhere, building a valuable new hotspot in the city.

Looking to the West - Creating an Unforgettable Living Experience

The project is located in the Pan-Asian Business Area of Wuhua District. It is a rare large-scale development in the heart of Kunming, next to Xizhu District and linked to the Pan-Asian Development Zone. With an easy access to the Jiaozi Snow Mountain Tourism Bus Line and Xibaisha Ecological Park, the project offers an unforgettable living experience within stunning surroundings.

Garden Built with Mastery – Four Seasons in One

SEEDLAND Kunming Camellia Garden collaborated with famous designers, drawing inspiration from exquisite world-renowned gardens. The garden is centered around flower beds of precious flowers and meticulously transplanted trees which form a cross stretching in four opposite directions. Walking along the flower-lined paths, residents can enjoy a Water Garden, Flower Garden, Rose Garden, and Rainbow Garden. This is a place where the beauty of all four seasons can be experienced on a single stroll.

Built with Craftsmanship – Supporting Every Lifestyle Need

The project is built around a concept of “Pursuing the Ultimate” and offers even greater privacy, with a private elevator for each unit. The internal layout has been carefully designed based on the direction the buildings face, allowing greater lighting, ventilation and a better view. These residences offer another great example of high-quality living within a low population density community.

Diversified Commercial Districts – Enjoy a One-Stop Lifestyle Circle

With five diverse commercial districts including factory outlets, IKEA, Wuyue Plaza and Aegean Shopping Park on its doorstep, resident can enjoy a one-stop lifestyle with ease. In addition, the cardiovascular-focused Fuwai Hospital will also open its door to patients in the area soon. Together with Wuhua District People's Hospital and other high-quality medical resources, this means residents will have easy access to healthcare. Furthermore, ample schools for children of all ages fully support the educational needs of the residents.