Huizhou Ivy Garden

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时间沉淀的美学作品 76万㎡双轨学府大城

SEEDLAND Huizhou Ivy Garden is located on Yeting Avenue in the Huiyang District and enjoys all the charming natural scenery that the region has to offer. With an area of around 760,000m², the project uses smart technology to keep pace with our ever-changing modern lives. The design combines inspiration from local architecture with an international style, bringing a fresh interpretation to advanced living concepts.

Quality of Life – Fully Customized

Comfort and contentment is deep-rooted within the confines of this community. With an on-site commercial street of about 30,000m² and incorporating five smart living facilities, life here is comfortable and convenient. Located in an urban ecological residential area on ​Line 1, it is also adjacent to the Sanhe Administrative Service and Financial Center, bringing ease to every aspect of residents’ lives.

A Cultured Residence – Rich Educational Resources

There are 23 kindergartens and 13 schools in the area, covering education from all levels of the curriculum, from primary through to high school. Within the community there is a kindergarten with 12 classes and a primary school with 24 classes. The project is also next to the hundred-year-old Chongya Experimental School, providing a continuous education from children from three through to 18 years old.

Tropical Garden – A Vacation at Your Doorstep

The tropical garden design is inspired by Henry Rousseau's paintings of tropical rain forests. Mature rare tree species grow to their full height, and a combination of beautiful pavilions and large areas of green space allow residents to enjoy their leisure time in nature. This carefully created tropical garden offers a vacation at your doorsteps.

Comprehensive Transportation Network – Your Link to Prosperity

Metro Line 1 (currently in the planning stages) will run from the north to the south of the city, seamlessly connecting you to Huizhou South Station and the Huizhou-Shenzhen rail. This allows residents to reach the heart of Shenzhen in just seven stops, from where there is direct rail access to Hong Kong and Guangzhou. The project is surrounded by five highways which offer convenient access to the surrounding cities, and is also close to the city's main road, Yeting Avenue, offering easy access to the inner-city transportation network.