Taiyuan Wisteria Residence

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Taiyuan Real Estate Chamber of Commerce

In 2018, SEEDLAND came to Shanxi for the first time, selecting the popular Jinyang Street as the location for a new project. Taiyuan Wisteria Residence is SEEDLAND’s beautiful smart community offering which connects seamlessly with the high-quality facilities in the area. It brings a new concept of smart living to Taiyuan, improving the quality of life in Jinyang district and across the city.

Home to the New Elite – Located in Taiyuan’s Center Living District

As an important part of the integrated urbanization of Taiyuan and Jinzhong, the structure of Jinyang Street has been continuously upgraded. Metro Lines 2 and 3 will converge at this point, and the surrounding commercial areas, office buildings and residential districs are rapidly developing.

A Façade Inspired by Musical Notes – Craftsmanship in Design

The project was designed with great attention to details and strict selection of building materials by an international team from Singapore. The avant-garde façade is inspired by the harmonious rhythm of music, with a design which explores the concepts of “notes, tones, and rhythms”. The contrast between repetition and variation makes the building a design icon for Taiyuan.

Singapore Garden Design – A Green Landscape

Livable, comfortable, and distinctive Singapore-style gardens offer large areas of ​​greenery and flowers blossoming in all seasons offer rich and vibrant color. The outdoor area incorporates one water feature, two landscape features, and three gardens, bringing residents closer to nature.

Comprehensive Facilities Inside and Outside the Community

The area surrounding SEEDLAND Taiyuan Wisteria Residence is equipped with a wide variety of lifestyle facilities. It provides easy access to the fifth-generation business cluster - Xintiandi Regency North America N1, and is adjacent to Shanxi Provincial Hospital, Shanxi Children's Hospital and other high-quality provincial-level medical resources. It is also close to multiple higher education institutions, including Shanxi University and Shanxi University of Finance and Economics. An outdoor shopping area of 30,000m² links SEEDLAND’s five major living facilities together.