Sanya Crystal Bay

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The Nations Finest Coastline – Smart Courtyard Villas

SEEDLAND Sanya Crystal Bay is located on the coastline of Haitang Bay and includes a 460-meter-long private beach. The project sets the standard for a low population density community with a plot ratio as low as 0.18. Inspired by traditional Chinese courtyard design and built with western architectural techniques, the project offers personalized and limited-edition detached villas which are fully integrated with smart technology for society’s elite. The four-layered garden design creates a mysterious atmosphere, while also serving to protect users’ privacy.

On the Coastline – A Hidden World

Haitang Bay’s coastline boasts a wide range of high-end tourism options, including access to the beach, entertainment, healthcare, shopping, retirement, food & beverages, tourism, leisure, education and arts. Boosting 460 meters of private beach, the project offers 375 unique courtyard-style villas in a community where 60% is green space. The design, which incorporates a four-tiered landscape garden, as well as inspirations from both Chinese and Western mansions, offers a world-class experience without compromising privacy or comfort.

Four Realms – Discover Them One by One

Just like in a traditional courtyard, one can gradually go deeper into the layered design of the project. Each layer has been equipped with fully functional facilities to cover different aspects of life whether interacting with guests, neighbors or your own family. There are pavilions and viewpoints on each layer, creating various opportunities for users to interact with nature and the landscape. Design details such a guarded gates, communal space, sectioned layouts, and privacy for each user allow society’s elite to fully relax and enjoy their life.

A Century of Luxury Heritage - The Presidential Palace

SEEDLAND Sanya Crystal Bay Phase II introduces Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, a global luxury hotel brand. For its sixth global and first Asian coastal-themed resort hotel, Waldorf Astoria has chosen Sanya Crystal Bay as the location for its latest “Presidential Palace”, providing a unique and unforgettable service experience.

Smart House – One-Button Control

SEEDLAND Sanya Crystal Bay incorporates modern technology with traditional design to create a smart home system which can be controlled with a single button. We have created a novel contemporary lifestyle in which smart technology is fully integrated across every aspect of life, including the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.