Zhoukou Murraya Garden

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SEEDLAND Zhoukou Murraya Garden

SEEDLAND Zhoukou Murraya Garden is SEEDLAND’s first major project on the Central Plains. It is located in Zhoukou’s Dongxin District adjacent to the CBD and next to the high-speed rail station, enjoying convenient access to the transportation network. With the rise of city clusters on the Central Plains, as well as the integrated development of the Zhouhuai region, Dongxin District is set to rise in prominence and become a key area of ​​Zhoukou. The project presents the ultimate smart community and provides a full lifestyle upgrade by consolidating SEEDLAND’s rich resources and vast experience. As its value surpasses all other projects in the city it will become a landmark for smart living.

Great Attention to Details – Presenting the Beauty of Architecture

The project was designed by an international team from Singapore, who created a unique cloud and crescent window design for the buildings’ façade. It tastefully combines the historical and cultural heritage of the city with SEEDLAND’S signature focus on science and technology. The direction in which each unit faces has been carefully considered to create the highest standard of living, with a higher ratio of useable space than the market average. These eight-story low-rises offer a rare opportunity to live in comfort in a low population density project within this busy city.

A Haven in the City Centre – Facilities for All Ages

The project located in a well-developed area close to the 6000-acre Fuxi Lake ecosystem. The local neighborhood is home to museums and cultural meeting points, as well as rich educational resources, including institutions such as Shenghe Primary School, Wenchang Middle School, Zhoukou College of Science and Technology, Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College, Zhoukou Normal College, and Zhoukou Polytechnic Vocational College. Meanwhile, Dancheng No. 1 High School is about to open its doors to students, together with a bilingual kindergarten located within the project, meaning children from all age groups will have easy access to education.

Ultimate Craftsmanship – Building a Perfect Smart Community

The launch of smart facilities, such as hachi delight smart delivery robots and hachi auto self-driving commuter vehicles, together with on-site smart community facilities such as the Sponge Playground, and Health at Home Medical Center, the project signals a new chapter for smart community living in Zhoukou.