Creators Fueled by Technology Innovation: Seedland Group Presents SEED AWARD Asia Pacific Semifinal

2019-09-10 14:15:23

Seedland Group, China’s leading real estate company promoting world-changing technology innovation, presented the semi-final round of the Asia-Pacific SEED AWARD in Guangzhou, Guangdong province on August 21st. The top three winners announced during the event were selected from over 1300 projects; they are a 3D bio-printer from Israel which can replicate a human heart, a sewage monitor and cleaning robot for urban management from the Hebei University of Engineering and a robot designed to conduct biopsy surgeries for lung cancer graduated from Tsinghua University, Beijing.

Defined as "the world's first creativity award that highlights the integration between technologies and everyday life", SEED AWARD is open to innovative projects covering sectors such as healthcare, intelligent hardware and systems for transportation and city management. The nominated projects for this year are backboned by cutting-edge technologies including aviation, AI, biotechnology and Internet of Things, showcasing some remarkably innovative achievements in the region.

Addressing critical issues of global industries

Aimed at connecting creative minds of various industries across the globe, the SEED AWARD offers prominent talent an opportunity and place to discuss industry trends and challenges.

“In the aviation sector, satellite monitor and control has long been a crucial issue to tackle,” said Su Meng, SEED AWARD Judge and Executive Director of Laboratory for Space Research at Hong Kong University to Satellite Herd, a Chinese company specialized in the field. “what helps the company stand out in the global landscape?” Dong Wei, who is one of creators at Asia-Pacific, said Satellite Herd provides affordable services for satellite monitor and control for business use. “We are appealing to the commercial use of space not covered by NASA or national institutions. We can make space devices widely connected via the Internet and the service accessible to more people.”

One of the top three winners, the biopsy surgery robot, offers an alternative solution to needle biopsy in the treatment of lung cancer — the robot project created by a team, named “Pinpoint”, can conduct a needle biopsy to lung nodules with the pinpoint accuracy of up to 5 mm. “The inner texture of the lung is incredibly complex. Normally, for a nodule of 10 mm, a surgeon needs to try seven or eight times to succeed, and there will be complications. We hope our robot can one day solve these problems,” said Li Zhuo, Pinpoint Project Team Leader. The robot has run some tests on animals and is ready for clinical trial soon.

Nurturing technology-driven lifestyle for future

According to the SEED AWARD executive committee, a nominated project should show creativity and extraordinary social value. The sewage cleaning robot, one of the three winning projects, is a perfect example. Created by a group of students from Hebei University of Engineering, the project is to solve sewer blockage caused by heavy rain. The judge praised the project creators for paying attention to essential but typically neglected issues in daily life.

the 3D bio-printer is from Israel. It has printed the first ‘beating heart’ based on fat samples from a heart disease patient to address issues arising from transplant rejection.

“Technology innovation sets people free through greater convenience,” said Wu Qiong, CMO of Seedland Group and executive member of SEED AWARD. Since 2006, Seedland Group has aimed to improve societies quality of life through technological innovation.

Seedland Group will present the Europe semifinal in London in September. All semifinal winners will gather at the final global competition in China in October to fight for the SEED AWARD Prize of 1,000,000 RMB and three Talent Prizes of 200,000 RMB.

About Seedland Group

Founded in Guangzhou in 2006, Seedland is one of China's Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises and has expanded its business from real estate to many other areas. In the last 13 years, it has been dedicated to the development of various life products and solutions by applying innovative technologies, redefining the concepts of the relationship between people and living space by linking technology with people. As a result, it has grown into a comprehensive company providing whole lifecycle smart life solutions.

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