SEED AWARD Inspires New Generation of Innovators at Peking University

2019-06-04 23:39:35

On May 29, 2019, the second leg of SEED AWARD Global University Tour kicked off at Peking University, one of China's most prestigious universities. The event immediately became the most eye-catching one among students. Six smart-life projects were demonstrated on site, attracting over 100 students from different universities to exchange innovative ideas.

Focusing on artificial intelligence (AI), the SEED AWARD Global University Tour-Peking University was designed to address the pain points in real life with effective AI solutions. Six teams presented their latest research achievements to the audiences, in the hope that AI-enabled life can be smarter, more exciting and more beautiful.

The projects on display included a smart lock with cloud connectivity for short-term B&B, application of AI in OCR, auto key-info filter, research on natural language processing, smart brainwave audio set, and smart traffic solutions.

Zhu Hao, a student from Tsinghua University, presented his project featuring a "Language Conversion Machine". This machine was able to convert a language or text signal into a natural language spoken by human beings. This novel concept immediately triggered heated discussions among the participants and brought the event to its climax.

(Zhu Hao, a student from Tsinghua University, introduces the application of natural language processing.)

(Huang Xinxin, a current graduate student of Department of Electronics of Peking University presents her project.)

 (Abuduweili (transliteration), a student from the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University, presents his project)

(Wang Yizhong, a postgraduate student of Peking University, presents his project)

By applying the latest brain-computer interface technology, Li Yiye, a student from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, succeeded in developing a smart brainwave audio set. The equipment was able to monitor the driver's brainwave, and issued a warning when the driver was detected to drive at a fatigue driving state. It was believed that the equipment can effectively address the driving safety problem.

(Li Yiye from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences presents his project)

(Zhang Peng, a postgraduate student of Peking University, presents his project)

As a popular event to facilitate the exchange of ideas focusing on AI, the SEED AWARD AI workshop welcomed students not only from Peking University, but also Tsinghua University, and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. SEED AWARD is committed to inspiring innovation and renovation for a smart life, and great effort will be made to encourage more people to display their brilliant ideas with this platform.

SEED AWARD is a global award featuring scientific and technological creativity. The gathering at Yingjie Exchange Center of Peking University is SEED AWARD's second leg of Global University Tour. Stanford University of the United States will soon host the next innovation sharing session. Furthermore, offline semi-finals for contestants are scheduled to take place in North America, Asia-Pacific region and Europe. SEED AWARD will strive to solicit excellent scientific and technological creativity projects at home and abroad and develop itself into an exchange platform for innovators across the world.

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