Seedland crowned “Annual Leading Branded Enterprise of 2018” by People’s Daily Online

2019-04-15 12:09:36

The 5th Real Estate Value Summit

On January 15, 2019, the 5th Real Estate Value Summit was held by the People’s Daily Online ( in the New Media Building of the People’s Daily Press in Beijing. The summit, themed on restructuring the original value point, centered on long-term mechanism of the real estate industry, diverse development of real estate enterprises, and new pattern of rental etc. Invited to the summit were representatives of Top 100 enterprises, key opinion leaders of the industry including Miao Leru, honorary vice president of China Real Estate Development Association, Zou Linhua, team leader of the Housing Big Data Project of National Academy of Economic Strategy, CASS etc., and other distinguished guests, who joined together and discussed industrial development direction in the new era. Seedland, as a representative of outstanding enterprises, was crowned “Annual Leading Branded Enterprise of 2018” by the People’s Daily Online (

Seedland crowned “Annual Leading Branded Enterprise of 2018”

In 2018, implementing tailored strategies for different cities, the real estate market in many cities across the country entered a stable development stage. At the end of last year, the Economic Work Meeting held by the Central Government stressed the need to build a long-term mechanism for the healthy development of the real estate market. China's real estate industry thus entered a new era of development. It is urgent for the industry to adjust its strategy to the new business pattern and trend, carry out the innovation and transformation of "real estate +", and revise its value proposition. In the context of innovation and transformation, this Summit hosted by reviewed the market performance of the real estate industry in 2018 and discussed how the real estate sector could secure steady growth by developing quality products and help to create a better life for the people.

Luo Jianwei, President of Seedland, took part in the round-table forum.

During the summit, Mr. Luo Jianwei, President of the Seedland, was invited to participate in the round table forum themed on “Innovation as an opportunity to Create a Beautiful Life”. He shared Seedland’s experience of understanding consumers’ demand, accurately solving consumer pain points and planning innovative business. With a new round of consumption upgrading, the supply side of real estate has also changed. Some enterprises have grown rapidly with innovative products or operations, and built their protective barriers with technological or operational advantages that others can hardly replicate. One example was the innovative approach adopted by Seedland through technology-enabled real estate.

Luo Jianwei talked about innovation made by Seedland

Luo Jianwei introduced in detail corporate background for innovation and concrete attempts made: “Seedland is developing smart products centering on homeowners’ needs to provide intelligence-based services.” For example, the 37 degree smart bed can detect homeowners’ sleeping pattern and quality; the smart Puppy Cube can make any plane (two-dimensional surface) into a touch screen, so there is no limit for projection and a single screen can be re-directed to desk, wall and floor, creating an intelligent space where one can exchange and retrieve information at any time. Besides, based on feedback from homeowners, every process and solution is renovated and upgraded constantly, realizing more compatible products that can better meet homeowners’ needs.

smart bed

On the other hand, Luo Jianwei also highlighted SLS (Smart Life System) being developed by Seedland, which integrates business information flows from real estate, property management to health, retail and even a third party, and with homeowners’ permission, collects real-time data and interacts with homeowners to render more targeted services. “As an operator of the community, we know more about what homeowners need. With data and information collected by SLS, community service providers can also better understand homeowners’ needs, so that they can improve not only their service quality but also sustained profitability and ability to upgrade, thus realizing a win-win result.” Luo Jianwei said earnestly.

So Seedland’s vision of future life is made very clear: with the 37 degree smart bed, homeowners’ sleeping pattern and quality can be detected and data transferred to the O2O medical service provider Joyhealth for family doctors to give specific health guidance; meanwhile, the smart family robot Puppy Bingo reviews health data and gives medication reminder; when homeowners want to cook something delicious but don’t know where to start, they can watch video on the smart screen Puppy Cube equipped in kitchen. All these can be realized based on a SLS Smart Life System.

China’s First O2O Medical Service Provider—Joyhealth

The ability to correctly identify market trend and direction and create new or more values for customers is critical for the growth of company. during the process of development, Seedland has been adhering to its innovative efforts based on customers’ needs, and went a further step in generating and trying to meet the new needs of homeowners. Take the home living scene for example, homeowners’ basic need is health, safety and comfort while the demand for more convenience comes next before the spiritual and emotional needs. So Seedland’s innovative efforts always center on these needs. “As a product-focused company, Seedland strives to create high quality products that can bring more convenience and beauty of intelligence to homeowners.” Luo Jianwei expressed his hope.

Since its inception in Southern China in 2006, Seedland started its business from real estate but never means to be limited to it. In the past 12 years, Seedland has been ambitiously experimenting with new ideas and practices, attempting to apply all technological exploration and innovation results of human beings to every aspect of our life through its professional practices with human habitat. In 2008, Seedland ranked among Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Developers, and received “Annual Award for Technological Innovation Brand of 2018” from, and “2018 Brand Innovation Technology Award” by Times Weekly, etc. Centering on innovation and integrating products and services with science and technology, Seedland will continue contributing new ideas and concepts for industrial development and opening up more possibilities for a better life.

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