Guangdong TV: Seedland Group offers caring smart life services through innovation

2019-04-15 11:37:09

On January 6, the story of Seedland Group offering smart life services through S&T innovation was aired in GDTV’s program Guangdong News.

Guangdong News is a news program focusing on international and domestic news of politics and economics. As an important means of publicity for CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and Guangdong Provincial Government, it plays a leading role in reporting the social, political and economic achievements made by the province. The series of reports themed "New Journey of Private Enterprises" focus on how some representative enterprises in the province adopted differentiated strategy to achieve success in a highly competitive market.

The production team visited Seedland Ros International in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, where they were shown how intelligent devices such as lock with face recognition, smart shoe cabinet, touch intercom and bathroom with audio-visual equipment improve the living experience. For example, a staff member demonstrated several functions of the Smart Life system: calling the elevator in advance with one-push appointment; showing the data on the health of family members through the "magic mirror" configured in the main bathroom and smart scale; playing music or video while the occupant washes up. These user-friendly functions are extensively praised by the homeowners.

Yang Feng, Vice President at Seedland Group, said in an interview, "we strive to provide customers with the most caring living experiences that best fit their needs with our innovations."

Unlike most home developers that graft service facilities at a later project stage to satisfy the occupants' needs, Seedland incorporated intelligent technologies and products into the projects at the early stage of project planning. In addition, it has been innovating and improving every process and solution based on users' feedback.

Adhering to its fundamental philosophy of S&T innovation, Seedland will make smart homes available for the general public and continue its efforts in offering better living experience for its customers.

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