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Entertainment and Education

Entertainment and Education

The Finest Resources for Your Social Needs

Using the Hachi Infinite smart projection device, families can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment without leaving home. Any flat surface in the house can be turned into a touch screen, removing space constraints and allowing user access across multiple scenarios at their fingertips, such as smart kitchens, educational movie theaters, and home offices.

HIDEOUT Theater is a complex in the community which combines movie theater, bookstore, café and bakery to provide a space for social and convenient living.

HIDEOUT Theater focuses on creating a quality space that offers a diverse range of services such as food & beverages, social networking and entertainment. It is committed to improving users’ quality of life by creating a happy and sociable atmosphere in which to spend time with friends and loved ones.


At Berryball Store, customers can enjoy one-stop shopping for maternal and infant supplies from home and abroad. They can also shop online through an app and participate in informative mother and child lectures, as well as enjoying parent-child activities.

Berryball Store not only provides mothers and children with safe and reliable products, but also regularly organizes activities and lectures on parenting, offering useful knowledge and experience for young families.


Sponge Playground is committed to providing high-end one-stop courses for children from 3 to 12 years old. Set in a fun learning environment, its aim is to develop cognitive ability through carefully designed and diverse curriculums.。

In the Sponge Playground, children can enjoy immersive education and training through offering such as smart Lego, indoor golf, and 3D printing, encouraging them to cultivate a wide range of interests.