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Community Safety and Security

Community Safety and Security

Guarding Your Safety from Every Angle

The security measures offered by the SEEDLAND fully integrated smart community operate from the moment one steps into the development, with coverage of the entire community.

The hachi homey's smart community security solution uses computer-based visual analysis methods such as target detection, identity recognition, and license plate recognition. These enable functions such as restricted area protection, blacklist alarms, care for special groups, and stranger detection, which can cover public areas such as parking lots, entrances and elevators throughout the community.

At home, Hachi Homey links home safety with community safety. If an accident occurs in the home, staff will immediately be notified in time to deal with it. The system can also help with gas and electricity safety and visits from maintenance staff, as well as check for intruders, by using an app to see what is happening inside the home.