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Smart Living

Live in Seamlessly Integrated Comfort

SEEDLAND believes that the home is not just a place to live, but a place which supports a great life. By carrying out customization and research and development of smart products, which can be integrated throughout the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, we help users free their time and energy from daily chores.。


Before the user comes home, hachi app can switch on the smart home system to “Back Home Mode”. Lights, curtains, air conditioning, home theater and other smart home devices will be turned on to the preset mode. Users can also switch off a variety of smart modes such as entertainment mode and hospitality mode only by saying “I’m leaving”.

Place your mobile phone on the charging area of the music coffee table for quick wireless charging. The tables can also be connected to your phone via Bluetooth to play music.


When cooking, the kitchen’s powerful air curtain effectively blocks and removes oil fumes, while thawing, warming, and fermentation can all be done on one food insulation rack, and the oven temperature detector will alert you if the temperature is too high.


In the washroom, the Smart Mirror allows users to listen to music, watch the news, and check the weather while getting ready. In the bathroom, an alarm for if you fall, floor dryers, smart heaters, and a bathroom control panel provide both safety and comfort.


The Seed Market in the neighborhood offers a variety of food stalls and a multi-lane smart cashier system, as well as online shopping and home delivery services. Comma Smart Vending Machines which can be found throughout the development provide food, daily necessities and many other products for users to choose from. A combination of big data and AI technology provides a thoughtful and personalized self-service shopping experience around the clock.